Isaac Ameyaw  on May 19th, 2010
How To Say ‘I Love You’ And More In Twi [AUDIO]

It is a fact that Ghanaians are one of the best people you can be in a relationship with, so wouldn’t it be great if you could speak Twi with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend? Wouldn’t it be great to greet your Ghanaian in-laws in Twi? Better still wouldn’t it be a romantic change to tell your Ghanaian husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend I love you or You are very beautiful in Twi?

This short article contains 5 useful phrases that you can use in a situation where you have to tell your loved one those beautiful things. Click the speaker buttons to hear how to say each phrase. Learn them very well because, they can be very helpful.

NOTE: If you don’t see the speaker buttons below, then download and install the Flash player from Adobe.

Wo ho yε fε papaapa You are very beautiful

Note: papaapa used used as an intensifier for – nice, beautiful or handsome

W’aniwa mma yε fε papa You have beautiful eyes

Note: papa is also used as an intensifier but not as intense as papaapa

M’ani gye wosereε no ho I like your laugh
Woyε m’akoma so adeε You are my heart’s desire
Medɔ wo papaapa I love you a lot

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  • Roy Godber says:

    I purchased the Learn Swahili programme and it worked fine. However just the other day I downloaded the update and now cannot access the programme at all. When I attempt to do so the initial screen pops up and then immediately goes off. I am using iPad 2.

    Roy Godber

  • Catina Glenn says:

    The Nkyea Twi Primer is very helpful! Thanks guys. But…..I’m still waiting on that app for the android phone. :)

  • M Swart says:

    After the last update of feb 2012 iam still not able to open the app. I have installed it on my iphone and ipad via itunes (as you advised).
    Please repair it. Iam waiting for months already to get a working swahili app!

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